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Direct deposit is the easy, convenient, and secure way to have recurring payments (such as paychecks, Social Security, pension and annuity payments) deposited right to your Tower Federal Credit Union checking account or savings account.

  • Convenient – Your money is always deposited on time, and you don’t have to take time out of your day to receive your funds.
  • Secure – Direct deposit reduces the risk of theft or loss, because your money goes directly from the payment source to your Tower account. It reduces the risk of mail tampering and identity theft.
  • Easy to track – You can view your direct deposit by logging into Home Banking.

When you set up direct deposit to your Tower checking account, you’ll receive free personalized checks.

To sign up for direct deposit, simply complete the Direct Deposit Authorization form and turn it in to your employer’s payroll department (or the source providing  the income you wish to deposit). If you are receiving a payment from the Federal Government use this form.



Once you’ve set up direct deposit, you have the option to sign up for direct deposit allocations. An allocation allows you to have a portion of your recurring direct deposit funds automatically transferred to your other Tower accounts.

You can use direct deposit allocation to:

  • Contribute to your “You Name It,” or other Tower savings accounts
  • Make payments on your Tower loans

To set up direct deposit allocations, login to Home Banking, go to Additional Services and submit the Direct Deposit Allocation form.



You may be able to authorize your employer or other source of income to deposit a portion of your recurring income directly to your Tower account. Ask your employer or other income source for details.

For further assistance, please visit a branch or call our Member Service Center at 301-497-7000 or 866-56-TOWER.