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Savings Accounts

Dollar by dollar, you can begin building a brighter future.

Opening an account establishes your Tower Federal Credit Union membership.

Start Small, Build Up

It only takes $5 to open your Savings Account.

Make faster progress thanks to crediting of monthly dividends.

Save Purposefully

Set aside funds for holidays, vacations, and more.

Prime Share Savings

Take smart steps on a savings journey that can help you achieve long-term security, prepare for unexpected challenges, and perhaps pay for some of life's great pleasures. At the same time, your new account unlocks the door to all the other services Tower offers, from low-cost loans to high-performance digital banking tools.   

  • No monthly fee or service charges
  • Earns daily dividends (credited monthly)
  • Free direct deposit of paychecks or other recurring income
  • Unlimited access to over 30,000 free ATMs nationwide
  • Free Digital Banking including free eStatements
  • Option to use your Prime Share account as share overdraft protection for your Tower checking account

Saving for something specific? A Club account makes it easy to set money aside for different uses. From creating an emergency savings fund to saving for a new car, holiday expenses, or even a vacation, a Club account can help you reach your personal goals.

  • $5 minimum opening deposit per account
  • No minimum monthly balance requirement
  • No monthly fee or service charges
  • Earn daily dividends (credited monthly)

To make saving automatic, you can set up direct deposit allocations into your Club account(s).

We offer two types of Club accounts: the “You Name It” account and the Holiday Club account. To open either type of Club account, you must have a Tower Prime Share savings account. You can open Club accounts online through Digital Banking.

'You Name It' Club Savings Account

  • Name your “You Name It” club account whatever you want
  • Rename your account at any time through Digital Banking
  • Deposit any amount, anytime
  • Open up to 13 “You Name It” accounts

Holiday Club

  • Deposit any amount, anytime
  • Balance automatically transfers to your Prime Share account or checking account on or after October 1 of each year