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Financial Coaching & Counseling

You have the power to make more out of your money, on BALANCE.

A little help can lead to big improvements.

Money Management Coaching

Analyze your spending habits and develop a plan to reach your goals.

Credit Report Review

Your credit score is vital to your finances. Find out how to manage it.

Student Loan Review

Find out what repayment programs are available to you.

Debt Management

Get options and restructured repayment plans from counselors.

Financial Education

Tap into helpful articles, newsletters, calculators, and other content.

Free Webinars

View current webinars about identity theft, budgeting, debt, and more.

Take control of your personal finances with help from our partner, BALANCE, a nationwide financial counseling and education services provider. Ask certified counselors all your questions about your finances, confidentially, and receive guidance free of charge. There's also a DIY element where you can review articles, listen to podcasts, and run numbers through calculators designed to help you chart your course toward your goals.