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Lock in a rate you can count on over the long haul.

A home mortgage offering flexibility and an initial low interest rate.

Remove the large down payment obstacle in buying your dream home.

Make your home closing as efficient as possible, no matter where you get financing.

Earn cash rewards* when buying or selling a home.

Our team of dedicated professionals can help you make informed decisions.

Mortgage Resource Center


  • Home Buyers Guide – Whether it's your first home purchase or not, our guide will help you understand the buying and financing process
  • Your Path to Home Ownership – A home loan toolkit to help start your journey with Tower.
  • Pre-approval – Your pre-approval letter to the seller shows you are a serious buyer, Choose your mortgage option, and begin your application to receive your letter.
  • Mortgage Forms – Download the forms you'll need for your mortgage application.
  • Payments – You can set up automatic payments or transfers to ensure your mortgage payment is always on time.


Should I Rent or Buy?

There are a lot of perks to owning your own home. Look at the factors and see if it's right for you.

  • You could gain financial strength by building equity
  • With predictable mortgage payments each month, you eliminate the worry of rising rent costs
  • Fulfill a sense of pride and accomplishment with a place to call your own
  • There could be tax advantages—consult with a tax advisor

Am I better off buying?

If you have a home property in mind, Tower can help you get the facts before making a decision. Use the Should I Rent or Buy? calculator to help you find the “after-tax” net cost of owning a house versus renting a house.

Be sure to check out our Real Estate Rewards program for experienced real estate agents that provide Cash Rewards.*

Say hello to home equity

Pay for large expenses and life events with low rates and budget-friendly financing. 


See for details. Not available in all states for home buyers.