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Share Certificates

Given time, your money can grow at an impressive rate.

Our Share Certificates are safe, high-earning investments.

Share Certificates outpace most traditional savings accounts.

Choose Various Terms

Select a Share Certificate that matures when you choose.

No Worry

Deposits up to $250,000 insured by National Credit Union Administration.

Share Certificates empower people to make their own investment decisions. Choose a savings period of one month, five years - or something in between. Choose a Share Certificate that allows you to start with a modest deposit - or one that allows you to "bump up" to a higher rate. Whether you're starting with a small nest egg or a large sum, it's a secure way to grow your money worry-free.

  • Regular Share Certificates offer the most term length options and require the lowest initial deposit. Minimum deposit: $500. Terms: Six months, or one to five years
  • Special Share Certificates require a minimum balance of $500. Terms offered: Three, nine, and 18 months for a limited time only.†
  • Bump-Up Share Certificates allow you to “bump up” to a higher rate once during the term if rates rise. Minimum deposit:  $5,000. Terms:  Four and five years.
  • Mini-Jumbo Share Certificates offer longer terms for greater deposit amounts. Minimum deposit: $20,000. Terms: Four and five years.
  • Jumbo Share Certificates offer shorter terms on large deposits. Minimum deposit: $100,000. Terms: 30 days to one year.

If you're beginning to build your retirement savings, consider our IRA Share Certificate options.

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The 3 month, 9 month, and 18 month Share Certificates will automatically renew at the next highest term Share Certificate unless the funds are withdrawn at maturity. The 3 month, 9 month, and 18 month Share Certificates are not offered on Individual Retirement Accounts.

Fees can reduce earnings. Rates are subject to change. See additional disclosures.

Withdrawal of the Share Certificate funds before the maturity date will incur an early withdrawal penalty.