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Direct Deposit

Move payments into your account automatically.

Direct Deposit your paycheck, pension, Social Security, and more.

Save Time

No need to travel to the credit union to deposit a check.

Safe And Secure

Reduce the risk of mail tampering and identity theft.

Easy To Track

View all of your deposit activity in Online Banking.

Specify Your Transfers

Send some of your payment directly to a savings or loan account.

No standing in line. No worrying about checks being lost in the mail. With Direct Deposit, your salary (or other recurring payment) is sent electronically to Tower Federal Credit Union. You can even arrange for funds to be split among multiple accounts, helping you beef up your savings balance or make monthly loan payments.     

  • Complete the Direct Deposit Authorization form and turn it in to your employer's payroll department - or the business or government agency providing the income you wish to deposit.
  • If you are receiving a payment from the federal government, you'll need to use this form.

Once you've set up direct deposit, you can select where you want all or a portion of your paycheck to go. Your options include:

  • Direct Deposit Allocations Set Up by Employer: Ask your employer if you can split your direct deposit between a savings, checking and/or loan account.
  • Scheduled Transfers Set Up by You: Set up automatic, recurring transfers through digital banking or Tower's app.
  • Transfer Groups Set Up by Tower: Call the Member Service Center or visit your local branch to set up automatic transfers to align with your payroll date.

You may be able to authorize your employer or other source of income to deposit a portion of your recurring income directly to your Tower account. Ask your employer or other income source for details.

Get your money moving