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Make purchases. Access ATMs. And that's just the beginning.

Accepted Worldwide

Use your card online and at 25 million locations.

Easy Checkout

Link your card to your smartphone for one-tap payments with Digital Wallets.

For each debit card transaction, Tower donates to military heroes and children in need.

Fraud Fighting/Card Control

For added protection, you can use Digital Banking or our app to switch your card "on" or "off" or limit its use. And if you're traveling for business or pleasure, please let us know through our App or in Digital Banking.   

  • By transaction types: Enable or disable specific types of transactions – such as in-store, online, ATM, phone order, etc.
  • Merchant categories: Enable or disable specific types of merchants – including supermarkets, department stores, gas stations, entertainment venues, restaurants, etc.
  • By location: Allow transactions that happen only in a certain geographic area.
  • By transaction amount: Set spending limits so that larger transactions will be declined.
  • Set real-time alerts: Track specific transactions and activities based on your controls. To learn more, visit our FAQs.
  • If you're traveling: Please submit a travel notification in our App or in Digital Banking before your trip so we can help protect you against theft or unauthorized card use.

Tower Federal Credit Union checking accounts include a free Mastercard® debit card. One advantage is you can make all the purchases you need without carrying a lot of cash or piling up any interest charges. Beyond that, the list of card benefits is a long one.

  • Free use at Tower ATMs and at over 30,000 free ATMs nationwide
  • Link your debit card to your smartphone for one-tap Digital Wallets payments
  • Help military families and children in need through our Pennies for Change program, which donates one cent for each debit card use to organizations that help local military heroes and children
  • Accurately track your transactions online through digital banking
  • Security features include special numbers to call if your card is lost or stolen
  • Use Debit Card Controls to lock and unlock your debit card with a single touch

Opt-in to authorize Tower to cover overdrafts for everyday debit card purchases and for ATM withdrawals using a Tower debit card.

  • Charge of up to $25 for each overdraft Tower pays
  • Please bring your account up to a positive balance at least once every 15 days.
  • Maintain your account in good standing with regular deposit activity and keep overdrafts to a minimum.
  • Tower cannot guarantee that we will always cover your overdrafts.

  • If your Tower debit card is lost or stolen or you suspect fraudulent activity, please notify us immediately. Call 800-787-8328 or 866-56-TOWER.
  • You won't be held responsible for unauthorized purchases, thanks to Mastercard's Zero Liability Protection.

Help reduce the chance of declined transactions, missed payments, and disrupted services due to outdated debit card information. Learn more.

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