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Switch Kit

Making the move to Tower is fast, easy – and smart.

Financial benefits are just four simple steps away.

At Tower, we know how busy life can be. And so we've streamlined the process of switching accounts from other financial institutions to our member-friendly credit union. Here's what you need to do to receive all the benefits and perks we offer. (Keep track of the forms and tasks with our To Do List.)

1. Become a member.

Join Tower Federal Credit Union by completing a Membership Application.

2. Change direct deposits.

Change your direct deposits for work, pension, or any other recurring payment easily by filling out a Direct Deposit Authorization Form. Then, send it in to your HR department or the source of your recurring income to notify them of the account change.

3. Sign up for Bill Payment and update automatic debit/credit card payments.

Start paying bills electronically through your Tower checking account by signing up for Bill Payment. Also, update your debit/credit card information for scheduled and automatic payments to utilities, cable companies, streaming services, fitness clubs, EZ Pass, etc. If you have automatic withdrawals coming out of another financial institution, change the withdrawal to come from your account at Tower.

4. Close out old accounts.

Print out and complete Close Account Form and send it to your previous financial institution.



If you need assistance, please visit a branch or call our Member Service Center at 866-56-TOWER

Make a Purchase. Make a difference.

Pennies for Change
Giving back to the community is extremely important at Tower. Every time you use your Tower debit or credit card, Tower will donate a penny to the TowerCares Foundation.