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Hospital Accident Insurance Plan

You can collect up to $1,800 a day in cash benefits for a covered hospital stay to spend any way you want.

Collect daily cash benefits of up to $1,800.


Pays up to $1,800 a day for intensive care confinement and $900 a day for hospital confinement.


Select individual coverage for $17.65 per month or family coverage for $29.95 per month.


All cash benefits are paid directly to you.

Supplemental Coverage

Benefits are paid in addition to any other insurance you have.


Spend the cash benefits any way you want.

With this Hospital Accident Plan Benefit, when a covered accident lands you in the hospital, you can receive cash benefits.

This is an accident only policy and does not pay benefits for loss from sickness. Confinement benefits reduce by 50% at age 65, and reduce to 25% at age 75. Insurance product offered by Franklin Madison Group, LLC. For California Residents: Insurance product offered by Franklin Madison Insurance Services, LLC. This information is a brief description of the important features of this insurance plan, not an insurance contract. Actual coverage is subject to the language of the policy including applicable exclusions and limitations, and may not be available in all jurisdictions. Insurance is underwritten by Federal Insurance Company, a Chubb company. Chubb, PO Box 1600, Whitehouse Station, NJ 08889.