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Financial Wellness

Make It a Habit—Keep Us Up-To-Date

It's important for you to inform Tower how to get in touch with you for many reasons relating to your finances. If you have an account with us, please keep your contact information with us current. Correct information helps to ensure you receive important account notifications and could help to prevent fraud.

Reasons to Update Your Contact Information

  • Improve Security. We're committed to reviewing your accounts for any potential fraudulent behavior. For example, if we notice transactions on your debit or credit that are outside of your usual spending patterns, we would block the card and follow up with a phone call to determine if fraud has occurred. If your phone number is not current, we can't inform you of potential identity theft. Plus, you'll be inconvenienced having your card blocked without knowing why.
  • Account Alerts. When you activate Alerts on your digital banking account, you receive personalized notifications to your mobile phone or email. These notifications can help protect your account from overdrafts, remind you of payment dates, and track account activity.
  • Reduce fraud on your accounts. Correct contact information means fraud alert messages will reach you, and important documents (such as monthly statements or tax information) won't be mailed to an old address and end up in the wrong hands.
  • Better manage your account. In order to receive notices about overdrafts, legal updates or payment reminders in a timely manner, your financial institution needs to have a working phone number or email address on file.
  • Help your loved ones. Keeping your beneficiary information current means that your loved ones will be able to gain access to the funds from your account if something happens to you. It also ensures that your information isn't sent to a wrong person, such as an ex-spouse who is still listed on your account.
  • Avoid escheatment. If you have money in an account that you completely forget about, those funds could eventually be turned over to the state if you can't be reached. This process is known as escheatment. Updating your information could help to avoid escheatment.

Verify Your Information
Often, people continue to receive some form of personal banking communication and may not realize that their contact information is out of date. For example, you might receive a statement by email but are unaware that the address on file is from your last apartment.

Tower makes it easy for you to update account information through our digital services. Here's how:

  • Login to Digital Banking. Go to My Profile and select Update contact information.
  • Login to our Mobile App. Go to More and select the navigation gear, then My Profile.
  • Visit At the bottom of this page, go to Forms, then Change of Address. (There may be up to a 7-day wait for the actual change.)
  • You can also visit a branch and talk with one of our Member Service Representatives to make these changes.

Logging in to your account to update this information only takes a moment. You can also call or visit us if you need help. Your birthdate or Social Security number will likely not have changed, but some of this information might have:

  • Physical street address
  • Phone number(s)
  • Email address—If you don't have an email address or if you stopped using an old one because you were overwhelmed by spam, you should set up a new one. It's an important part of personal banking and managing your finances.
  • Name and marital status—especially if you've recently divorced or married, as well as if your spouse or ex-spouse's information should be added or removed from a joint account
  • Beneficiary information

Finally, remember that whenever you move, change jobs, get a new phone number or a new email address, it seems as though there is an endless list of organizations to inform. Please do not forget about Tower! It is vital that we have the most current information on file for you. This will help us alert you if we suspect fraudulent activity on your account and help prevent identity theft.

You can also verify that the contact information we have for you is current by calling our Member Service Center at 866-56-TOWER