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What has changed?
When you login to Tower’s digital banking, you will now see all of your accounts listed, including joint accounts.

For example, if you are a joint owner on your spouse’s or child’s checking, savings or loan account, these accounts will now be visible in digital banking for viewing transactions, making transfers and general account management.

How do I hide, rename, or reorder my online accounts?

  1. Login to Home Banking at (not Tower’s Mobile App).
  2. Go to My Profile.
  3. Scroll down to Other Settings > Rename & Hide your accounts.
  4. Use the drag and drop feature on the Account Preferences screen to move accounts and/or uncheck any accounts you don’t want to display. You can also add a nickname to your accounts.

NOTE: Customizing your account view in digital banking will only modify the account view for the user who made the customization. Account customization in digital banking does not remove a joint owner from an account or joint owner access from the joint owner’s digital banking experience.

How do I remove myself as a joint owner?
If you would like to remove yourself as a joint owner on a Tower account:

Tower Federal Credit Union
P.O. Box 123
Annapolis Junction, MD 20701-0123

How can I confirm my current joint owners?
Joint owners on your accounts can be found on your monthly member statement.

How do I find the full account number for my online account(s)?

  • Login and select Checking or Savings Account on the Accounts Page
  • On the Account History page, select Details

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