Introducing Google Pay. A convenient way to pay your mobile device.

As an Android user, you can now pay with your mobile device at more than a million merchants across the U.S. Google Pay is a new mobile payment solution that offers Tower debit and credit card holders further simplicity, security and choice when paying for things every day.

Safe and Secure
Google Pay is as convenient as it is secure. Google Pay never uses your actual card number. Instead, it uses a Virtual Account Number so your actual credit and/or debit card number stays safe.

Getting started is simple:
To add your Tower debit or credit cards to Google Pay:

Look for these icons at checkout:

  1. Download the Google Pay app and open it.
  2. Enter your card information.
  3. You’re done!

It’s that simple. When you’re ready to pay, unlock your device and hold it over the merchant’s contactless payment terminal.

To see a full list of stores accepting Google Pay, visit
For more information about Google Pay, view our FAQs.

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Google Pay is trademark of Google LLC.

Look for these icons at checkout:

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