Introducing Apple Pay, a secure way to pay for your everyday items using your Apple® device!

Apple Pay makes it simple and easy to pay for almost anything using your Apple device. Use Apple Pay in stores, within apps or on the web.

Safe and Secure
Making payments with Apple Pay is easy and secure. Apple Pay never uses your actual card number. Instead, it uses a Device Account Number so your actual credit and/or debit card number stays safe and is never shared with the merchant. And, if your device is ever lost or stolen, just use the “Find My” feature and activate lost mode.

Get Started With Apple Pay and your Tower Cards!
To add your Tower credit or debit card, you’ll need a supported Apple device.

Look for these icons at checkout:

  1. Open the Wallet® app and tap the plus sign.
  2. Enter card information.
  3. If your Tower card is already used for your Apple account, just key in the Security Code (the CVV code from the back of your card).

It’s that simple. When you’re ready to pay, unlock your device and hold it over the merchant’s contactless payment terminal.

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For more information about Apple Pay, view our FAQs.

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Look for these icons at checkout:

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