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Connected Cars

A shift in customer preferences has car makers downplaying traditional strongholds such as chassis and engine development—and instead focusing on car tech and infotainment.
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How Do You Decide When It’s Time to Buy a New Car?

You might be at a crossroads with your car. You love it. But it's getting on in years. Statistics show that consumers are keeping their cars longer. If you're hanging onto an older model car, you may be wondering, is now the time to make a change and buy a new one (or a new used car), or stick it out and just make some repairs?
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What’s Driving That Noise?

You roll down your window and instead of hearing a purr or vroom, your car has started making a strange noise. That can signal trouble and shouldn't be ignored. Here are 10 common and uncommon ways your car is telling you it's time to be looked at as soon as possible.
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