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Travel Tips

Getting ready for travel? Before you take that next international business trip, family vacation, or Caribbean cruise for two, let us help you with some basic tips and precautions.

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Trend Toward Bigger Cars

With low gasoline prices, more consumers are buying larger vehicles. The trend is leading even owners of hybrids and electric vehicles to "defect" (in the New York Times' words), to sport utility vehicles and other gas-powered models.   What the…

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Summer-ize Your Car

When rainy spring days turn to higher temperatures and longer, hotter days, summer has officially arrived. Every part of your car is put under stress in hot weather. Fluids go faster, components dry, crack, and corrode. Take steps now to…

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Get Your Home Ready for Winter

When fall rolls around, you probably hear the phrase “winterize your home” repeatedly on TV, the radio and in the newspaper. But have you ever wondered what exactly is involved in winterizing your home?

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How to Compare Credit Card Offers

Credit card offers are everywhere. Choosing the right credit card, understanding its terms, and using it wisely can affect your finances in a major way. In choosing the card that’s right for you, consider fees, be aware of the rates…

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