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Understand & Avoid Phishing

Phishing is a form of Internet piracy. It’s an attempt to fraudulently acquire your personal or financial information - such as passwords, bank and credit card account details - by posing as a trustworthy person or business. Phishing involves fraudulent…

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Keeping Personal Information Secure

Data breaches are on the rise and have become almost commonplace. Identity theft consistently tops the Federal Trade Commission's list of consumer complaints and over 30 million Americans have experienced some type of it.   Keeping Your Personal Information Secure…

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Identity Theft Prevention

Protect yourself and your money! Follow these tips to avoid fraudulent scams and attempts to obtain your personal and financial information. If you suspect that you’ve been a victim of identity theft, contact Tower immediately.   Watch Out for Fraud…

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Cyber Safety Tips

Cybercrime, online scams and identity theft are on the rise. Every year millions of Americans fall victim to these crimes, resulting in billions of dollars lost. Learn how to protect yourself in cyberspace with these helpful tips.

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Travel Tips Sidebar

Travel Tips

Getting ready for travel? Before you take that next international business trip, family vacation, or Caribbean cruise for two, let us help you with some basic tips and precautions.

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Trend Toward Bigger Cars

With low gasoline prices, more consumers are buying larger vehicles. The trend is leading even owners of hybrids and electric vehicles to "defect" (in the New York Times' words), to sport utility vehicles and other gas-powered models.   What the…

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