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Checking and Money Market Account
If you overdraw your account, a fee of up to $25 will apply for each occurrence. Check certification is available for $5 per check. Stop payments are $12 each. Copies of canceled checks are $3 each. Copies of your statement are $2 per page up to a maximum of $5 per statement month. Pricing of specialty checks is available upon request. The first time you require assistance balancing your account, there is no charge. Subsequent requests are charged at the rate of $3 per quarter hour. Assistance is free to visually impaired.

Prime Share Account
If your Prime Share account falls below $5 for six consecutive months, a below minimum balance fee, equal to the balance in the account, will be assessed and the account will be closed.

Consumer Loans
If you choose to make your payment over the phone, there is a $9 fee. If your payment is received after the due date for any of the following loans, there is a $20 late payment fee:

  • Vehicle
  • Signature
  • Bill consolidation
  • Education
  • Personal line of credit
  • Title-secured, share-secured, certificate-secured, or other secured loan.

There is a fee of 5% of the past due amount for late payment on an indirect vehicle loan (dealer initiated, Tower financed).

ATM/Debit Card
If you use a non-Tower ATM, there is a $1 fee for each transaction, including cash advances, inquiries and transfers. Replacement cards are $5 each and replacement PINs are $2. Copies of sales drafts are $3 each. The foreign transaction fee is 1.10% of each transaction in U.S. dollars.

Bill Payment
The online service is free if you set up three or more bill payments that process within a calendar month, otherwise the cost is $2.95 per calendar month. There is a fee up to $25 per check for stop payments on paper checks. There is a $25 fee each time there are non-sufficient funds in your checking account to cover a transaction. Fees will automatically be deducted from your payment account.

Funds Transfer
Inbound: 3-day transfers are free; next-day transfers are $5. Outbound: 3-day transfers are free; next-day transfers are $5.

If your payment is received 14 days after the due date, your Mastercard account will be charged up to $20. A replacement card charge is $5. Copies of sales drafts are $3 each and copies of your statement are $2 per page up to a maximum of $5 per statement month. If you use your Mastercard to obtain a cash advance at an ATM, there will be a $.75 fee. The foreign transaction fee is 1.10% of each transaction in U.S. dollars.

Miscellaneous Fees
Returned deposit due to non-sufficient funds (NSF) automatically charged to your account: $12 each. Wire transfers: Incoming: $6; Outgoing: Domestic – $20, International/foreign currency – $25, International/U.S. currency – $35. Official checks: $1.50 each. Gift cards: $3.95 each. Foreign check deposit pricing depends on the amount, type of currency and financial institution of check. Garnishment/IRS levy fee: $75. Notary service (non-members): $2 per item. Inactive member fee (members over 22 with less than $100 deposit balance and no account activity in a 12-month period): $3 per quarter. Invalid address fee: $10 per quarter. Escheat fee (applies to accounts closed due to a 3-year period of inactivity): $20. Non-member cashing Tower check at a branch: $5 per item. Debits against savings accounts that are NSF: $25 each. Exceeding regulatory transaction limit fee:$ 20. Personal line of credit overdraft fee: $5 each. Subpoena fee: $.15 per copied page; $10 per hour for research and document preparation.

Fees are subject to change at any time without notice, except as required by law or regulation.


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