Take control of moving your money. Online Transfers

Online Transfers

Transfer money easily online between your Tower accounts, to other Tower members and to your accounts at other financial institutions.

Tower offers several ways to transfer funds online:

Transfer funds among your Tower accounts

Move money between your Tower accounts, including Tower loans and MasterCard®.

*Go to Transfer Money

Transfer funds to other Tower member accounts

Move money from your account to other Tower members. Designate up to 10 accounts to receive transfers on your Cross Member Transfer Authorization list. Transfers can be made to any Tower share or loan account, except MasterCard®.

To create your Cross Member Transfer Authorization list: Print and complete the Cross Member Transfer Authorization form and mail it to or drop it off at a Tower branch. Faxed applications will not be accepted. Your request will be activated within two business days, excluding Saturdays, from the time we receive your form.

Primary account owners under the age of 18 must have the signature of an adult joint owner to use the Cross Member Transfer service.

*Login to Home Banking, go to Additional Services

Schedule one-time or recurring transfers

Set up automated transfers among Tower accounts. Plan a one-time transfer or recurring transfers on the dates of your choice.

Fill in the date, amount, frequency, and the accounts involved. You can see the list of transfers you set up by clicking on Transfer Money and then View Scheduled Transfers.

If you currently have automatic transfers set up to make deposits or loan payments, contact the Member Service Center at 301-497-7000 or 800-787-8328 to make a change.

*Login to Home Banking, go to Transfer Money

Transfer funds to other financial institutions

Transfer money between your Tower checking or Prime Share account and your accounts at other banks, financial companies or brokerage houses. Funds Transfer is convenient, easy and secure. Schedule a transfer and it can be sent the very next day.

Funds Transfer is more convenient than wire transfers and costs less. Standard inbound and outbound transfers to/from your Tower accounts are FREE. Other minimal fees are listed below.

Inbound Transfers Fee
Standard to Tower (3-day delivery) FREE
Premium to Tower (next day delivery) $5.00
Outbound Transfers Fee
Standard (3-day delivery) FREE
Premium (next day delivery) $5.00

*Login to Home Banking, go to Transfer Money

Note: Federal regulations limit the total number of electronic transfers from any non-transactional account—Prime Share (savings), Clubs, or Money Market—to six (6) per account per month. This includes overdraft transfers, online Cross Member Transfers and Funds Transfer, and cleared checks from a Money Market account. You can make an unlimited number of transfers and withdrawals through the mail, at an ATM, and in person at a branch. Transfers made to a Tower loan account are not included in the limitation of six per account per month.

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