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Do you need to make a payment on a Tower auto, personal, or home equity loan or line of credit? If you’re tired of writing checks and mailing them every month, here are some ways to simplify your life. Tower offers several convenient ways to make loan payments.

Pay a Loan Using Home Banking

If you’re a Tower Home Banking user, make payments by transferring money from your Prime savings or checking account to your loan. Enjoy 24/7 account access. Make a one-time transfer or schedule monthly transfers. Set it up once and let us do the rest!

To pay your Tower Mastercard® credit card in Home Banking, you have two options. You can make a payment by transferring money to your Mastercard account, or you can select Mastercard to view your account and go to Payments. Follow instructions for payments.

Login To Home Banking To Pay


Not a Home Banking User?

Pay a Loan Using Tower’s Web Payment Center

To pay online, visit Tower’s Web Payment Center. To make your one-time Guest payment, you’ll need to provide your bank’s routing number and your account number, and your Tower member number and loan account number.

If you’re not a Home Banking user, sign up today to make monthly loan payments easily by transferring funds from a Tower Prime Share savings or checking account; and enjoy convenient access and management of all your Tower accounts.

Additional Payment Options

  • Payment by Mail
  • In Person Payment
  • Pay Using Tower Talk 24
  • Set Up Automated Payments
  • Set Up Direct Debit/Credit Payment Authorizations
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