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June 2021 Message from the Board Chair—Arland White

On behalf of Tower’s Board of Directors and Senior Management team, I want to thank those of you who participated in Tower’s Annual Meeting on May 11. Out of an abundance of caution, we chose to host the meeting virtually again this year to protect the safety and health of our members and employees. To view Tower’s 2020 Annual Report, please visit

There are two noteworthy changes to Tower’s volunteer Board of Directors that took place at this year’s Annual Meeting. One significant change is that our Board Secretary, Alan P. Smith, announced his retirement from the Board. On behalf of the entire Board and Tower’s Senior Management team, I would like to publicly express our sincere appreciation to Alan, who has concluded his service to Tower after 20 years on the Board, with the last 16 years serving as Board Secretary. I frequently mention the importance of volunteerism regarding Tower’s Board, supervising committees and advisors. We will miss Alan’s wisdom and dedication, and wish him all the best. And I would also like to say thank you to one of our Directors, Ross Brinson, for volunteering to serve as new Board Secretary.

I continue to be proud that despite last year’s global crisis, Tower remained 100% operational and available for our members. That is a testament to our outstanding team of employees who never missed a beat in taking care of our members, and who continue to make it a priority every day to provide exceptional service. While the country appears to be easing somewhat out of the pandemic, it is important to continue to take appropriate care and safety measures to protect yourselves and your loved ones. Tower will maintain certain safety protocols, and the health and well-being of our employees and members will remain a top priority.

We will continue to support and help our members as we are all still feeling the aftershocks of the COVID-19 global health crisis. If you are experiencing financial hardship and need assistance, please reach out to us. We are your credit union and we are here for you. Please continue to visit our COVID-19 resource page for important updates and announcements.

I do want to offer a word of caution: fraud is on the rise. The pandemic has only seemed to provide more opportunities for fraudsters, capitalizing on people’s fears and vulnerabilities. Please remember to stay vigilant. There are a myriad of fraud schemes out there, and more are popping up every day. Be cautious, and stay educated about fraud and the warning signs. If you suspect fraud has occurred on your Tower accounts, please contact us immediately. And look out for your family members and friends too, and especially the elderly, as they are common targets for scams. Tower has fraud detection measures in place to help detect and prevent fraud, and it is a top priority for the Board. However, we as Tower members must also do our part in helping to fight fraud and thwart potential scammers.

To end on a more positive note, I hope that you and your family have a nice summer, with some time to relax and enjoy the less hectic days of the warmer months ahead. Please continue to take the appropriate precautions to stay safe. And, if you know someone who is not yet benefitting from Tower membership, I invite you to tell them about the Tower Advantage and encourage them to join, so they too can reap the rewards of being a Tower member. Remember, it is never too early to sign up young children for Tower membership. Many of us did this for our children and they grew up knowing and experiencing the benefits of membership.

Arland A. White, Jr.
Board Chairman

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