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9 Reusable Products That Save Money Over Time

Save your money. Protect your time. Help the environment.

Reusable products sometimes cost more up front, but often pay for themselves compared to restocking disposable versions. Sometimes the cost is about the same. So why not save yourself some time by not rebuying throw-away items, while benefitting the environment? It’s a win-win for everyone.

Straws. Stainless steel straws will pay for themselves with an average of eight to 10 uses compared to a package of disposable ones.

Sandwich Bags. Eco-friendly silicone bags seal better and are more durable than plastic bags—and can be cleaned in the dishwasher. Before you replace that box of 150 disposable bags, you’ve already paid more than you did for a reusable, resealable silicone set of 15.

Produce Bags. Instead of using the disposable plastic produce bags available in the grocery stores, try reusable, cotton-mesh produce bags. These machine-washable sacks will last for years. They’re convenient for farmers market trips, too.

Coffee Pods. One reusable alternative to those plastic, disposable coffee pods are stainless steel reusable capsules. You can own one for around $20. Meanwhile, a box of 40 K-Cups® will set you back $30-$45, depending on the brand.

Coffee Filters. A reusable filter can keep hundreds of paper filters from the landfill each year and only costs between $4 to $8—the same as a box of paper filters.

Lid Covers. No cover? No problem. A silicone, stretch lid set can replace disposable plastic wrap and/or aluminum foil in your kitchen. You will quickly recoup the cost.

Paper Towels. Generations of people before us knew the value of washable, cloth kitchen towels versus a package of paper towels. Get back to basics while saving money.

Dryer Balls. These small wool or plastic balls save money and energy when used with your wet laundry in place of dryer sheets. Wool can absorb moisture from your clothes, saving drying time and energy. Both versions lift and separate clothes in the dryer which allow hot air to flow more efficiently and reduce drying time. They also soften fabric and reduce static cling. One set of reusable balls costs around the same as one box of dryer sheets.

Shampoo Bars. These concentrated shampoos mean you can go longer without replacing them and cost about the same as the typical bottles that add plastic to landfills.

If you’ve been thinking about trying some of these money-saving ideas, what better time than now to put it into practice? Bonus: You can feel good about helping the environment, too.

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