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7 Household Items to Sell, Not Toss

You may have cash hidden in plain sight.

Minimalists continually scan their homes for items that haven’t been used for a while—and either toss or donate them. However, some items are valuable and can earn money.

There are plenty of places to sell your stuff online, but it can be pretty overwhelming. Consider the following types of household items you may not realize have income potential. We broke it down by category, with some of the most user-friendly and profitmaking marketplaces for finding a potential buyer and getting rid of your stuff.

1. Electronics. There is a market for old cell phones, computers and tablets and it’s easy to sell them online through sites such as Gazelle or DeCluttr. Various retailers—from Amazon to brick-and-mortar chains—also buy certain used electronics

If the old electronics are in too poor of a condition to be worth cash, try taking them to a store that will give credit or discount on a future purchase in exchange for recycling your unneeded phone or computer.

2. Books. Libraries and charities may welcome your donation of used books. But if you have textbooks, first editions or volumes from popular authors, you may be able to sell them online or to a local used bookstore.

For example, the Amazon Trade-In program accepts books. The brick-and-mortar chain Half Price Books also buys books, or you could also list them on eBay.

3. Gift Cards. If you receive gift cards to stores or restaurants that you don’t plan to patronize, why not sell them for cash through gift card exchanges such as Raise?

Online marketplaces allow you to sell unwanted gift cards to people willing to buy them at a discount. You won’t get the card’s full value, but you will walk away with cash.

4. Home Appliances. Large appliances too costly to ship can be sold through websites and apps such as Craigslist, Facebook Marketplace, Letgo and OfferUp. These options can connect you with potential buyers in your area.

5. Designer Handbags and Clothing. Rather than have these items collect dust in the closet, sell them on a website such as Bag Borrow or Steal. The site verifies that accessories are authentic designer items, not knock-offs, and pays well. Other consignment sites for luxury goods include The RealReal, Poshmark and Material World.

Some generalized online consignment websites for clothing and accessories, such as and thredUP, also buy and sell designer labels and other brand names.

6. Calculators. How often do you see someone using a stand-alone calculator today? As it turns out, there is a market for calculators. Before you toss your old calculator, check to determine how much the site might pay for it.

7. Kids’ Toys. You can sell all kinds of playthings, from board games to dolls and action figures—especially if they’re still in original packaging.

Consider posting toys for sale on eBay, or selling them directly and locally on Craigslist, Facebook Marketplace, Letgo or OfferUp. Local children’s consignment shops are also an option.

Now you know how to earn cash and provide a new life for certain unneeded or unwanted items. Which of the categories surprised you the most?

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