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With Your Tower Card, Security Comes Standard

This year, odds are you will do some or most of your shopping online—avoiding crowds and alleviating safety concerns. A survey found that 71% of holiday shoppers plan to do most of their seasonal shopping online this year, up from 51% in 2019.

Statistics show that online scams are on the rise. However you choose to shop, you may be wondering “what’s the safest way to pay?” Whether you use a Tower debit or credit card to pay, your card provides numerous built-in security features to help protect you from fraud. Enjoy greater peace of mind this holiday knowing Tower always has your back:

  • 24/7 fraud monitoring. Tower constantly monitors your card transactions and will contact you if we notice suspicious activity. If it turns out a suspicious charge wasn’t something you authorized, Tower has you covered.
  • Zero liability protection. You don’t have to worry about unauthorized purchases, because your Tower debit or credit card includes Mastercard’s® Zero Liability Protection. Please see for more details.
  • Secure contactless payments. Add your debit or credit card to your digital wallet and enjoy safe and secure contactless payments.

Stay vigilant
Here are some card-safe practices you can do to help protect yourself:

  • Setup account alerts and Tower will notify you if certain transactions occur on your account. For example, Tower will send you an alert if there is a large purchase or foreign transaction.
  • Check your account activity. If you’re not paying close attention, transactions could slip by without you knowing it. If you see something suspicious, report it immediately.
  • Keep Your Contact Information Up To Date. Particularly, e-mails and mobile phone numbers in case we need to reach you.
  • Don’t carry your PIN in your wallet or write it on anything near your card. If someone steals your wallet or purse, they have the keys to the kingdom. Also, don’t write it on anything like a deposit slip, envelope or anything else.

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