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6 Surprising Things You Can Rent

Anyone can rent space or a temporary home at a site like Airbnb or We all rent cars when traveling. For those who live in urban areas, we’ve all noticed the rent-a-bike or scooter phenomenon.

But if you want to, can you rent something a little more far-fetched? You don’t have to look twice, as the gig economy is alive and well, with all sorts of innovative rental opportunities.

A Casket
These days, a funeral can cost as much as $15,000. The most costly funeral item to purchase is the casket, with an average $2,000 price. That’s why most people hate buying caskets.

Remember that you don’t have to buy the casket from the funeral home. According to the Federal Trade Commission, you may be able to reduce the cost by choosing to have a visitation with cremation, where you simply rent one. To go this route, simply ask your funeral director. Options range from as little as $120.

A Professional Line Sitter
Waiting in line for a few minutes at the grocery store or movie theater is no big deal. But what if you need to endure a longer wait—like for a sporting event, concert tickets, seats at a popular restaurant or a big box office show? Do you have the patience? If not, for a fee, just rent someone to do it for you. Try using Taskrabbit or Craig’s List. In New York City, you can rent a pro from Same Ole Line Dudes—where it’s $25 for the first hour and $10 for each additional half hour.

A Pet
Cat videos make you laugh. A puppy can give you uncontrollable joy. And according to health experts, having a four-legger around can alleviate stress; lower your blood pressure and cholesterol, among other perks.

For some, limitations like finances, busy schedules, and rental contracts that prohibit pets can keep you from bringing home your own furry bundle of joy. What’s a pet-less person supposed to do?

That’s where pet rentals come in. According to, these organizations provide temporary pets as well as advocate for pet adoption services. They “help your family make the leap to pet parenthood. Surprise your well-behaved girl or boy with a puppy before buying or adopting to gauge their interaction and make an informed decision on becoming a dog parent.” Some school campuses also offer pet rentals for “hardworking and sleep-deprived students” to help with stress levels.

Searching for success and acclaim? Maybe you have a family, business or community event that needs more than an everyday photographer or videographer? Why not rent your own gaggle of paparazzi—that can hide in the bushes and create makeshift buzz. In 30 cities in the U.S. you can hire Famous for a Day, which lets you rent any number of paps and even bodyguards to make you feel special.

There are dating sites galore. But what if you just want a platonic relationship? Many websites now offer a “rentable friend” where you get to do something fun when you don’t want to do it alone. has over 600,000 professional friends on call. Hire a buddy who can show you around in a new city, attend family functions, be your squash partner at the gym or even just hang on the sofa with you to play video games. To start, go to the site and view all of the friends’ photos and profiles. Pay the membership fee, and then contact any of the friends by phone, or message them through an anonymous messaging system to discuss your plans.

Wedding Attire
Most people know you can rent clothes for a wedding. Brides, grooms and bridesmaids/groomsmen rent their outfits and tuxes and return them back when the event is over.

But as a guest to the wedding, there are some options that’ll allow you to save some bucks for something you’ll only wear once.

Rent the Runway is a place to rent clothes and accessories from top brands for a flat monthly price. Their RTR Reserve service is specifically designed for wedding rentals—choose from over 200 brands. Some other rental storefronts include Borrowing Magnolia, The Black Tux and Vow to Be Chic.

At Bag Borrow or Steal, you’ll lease designer accessories like a matching handbag or clutch. Prices vary based on the style, designer, and length of rental time.

Jewelry renter Adorn lets you rent earrings, necklaces, bracelets and more. Enter your event date, select pieces and checkout. Your jewelry is shipped to you. Later, simply return it using the prepaid UPS return package.

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