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Tower Board Member Retires After 50 Plus Years of Service

Long-time Tower Board member Charlie Nossick is retiring from our volunteer Board of Directors. A Tower member since 1962, Charlie has served on the Board for over 50 years and most recently as Director Emeritus. He has held several other Board positions during his tenure, including Treasurer and Chairman of the Supervisory Committee. Charlie was also an active participant with the National Association of Federally-Insured Credit Unions (NAFCU), serving as a featured speaker at NAFCU events and as a leader of breakout sessions on key issues facing credit unions.

Tower’s Board of Directors Chair Marie Rowland says, “Charlie has pioneered the role of Director Emeritus. His long perspective has been invaluable to the whole Board as we have weighed how to keep new products and services both relevant and safe. Charlie always pulled our attention to value for the Tower member.”

Thank you, Charlie, for your over 50 years of service to Tower and the credit union industry! Enjoy your retirement.

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