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Home Selling Tips to Add Value to Your Home

Are you thinking of selling your home? To get the greatest possible pool of prospective buyers, there are things you can do to highlight your home’s strengths. Between the attic and the basement, there are plenty of places in your home to identify improvements. Experts say money smartly spent in areas like the kitchen truly does increase your resale value.

Taken room by room, some surprises are offered up, but in reality, appear to make good sense.home-selling-tips

Living easy in the living room
Stage your living room so that it has unique and uncluttered appeal. Add an original touch by turning one of your walls into a focal point using decorative molding, says LearnVest. You can easily nail the molding to your wall in the desired pattern, fill the nail holes with putty, and then create contrast by painting the molding a different color from your wall.

Go for a good set of custom window treatments—not ready-made curtains or shades—to ensure the best fit for your space. Opt for recessed lighting and dimmers rather than more costly accent fixtures for mood lighting. Angie’s List estimates you will spend about $10 more for accent fixtures than a standard light switch.

Kitchen remodeling with style
Splurge on countertops. Contractors say using a quality material like granite or quartz is a key to upping resale value. And go for higher-end appliances if you can afford them, because cheaper ones often don’t look as rich or last as long.

When it comes to kitchen cabinets, there’s no need to buy new ones if what you have is in good shape. Have them refaced with a true wood veneer for about 40 percent of the cost of new ones, Angie’s List says.

As for accessories, skip greenery and plates that some homeowners use to decorate the tops of cabinets. They can make the space look cluttered and usually end up just collecting dust.

Bathroom revamping
Spend on floor and shower tile to create a spa-like setting, and potentially catch the eye of a prospective buyer, or enjoy the luxury yourself. Plus, coordinating the look makes the room appear larger, contractors say.

Bright paint colors and floral print wallpaper is distracting. Neutralize the room with an antique white, cream or tan paint color. A bathroom should feel inviting.

Save on your vanity: You don’t need to rip it out and buy new. Instead, paint or refinish the bathroom vanity you already have. For the bathroom mirror, you don’t need to buy an expensive one to get a fresh look. Just update your original mirror with decorative trim, Angie’s List recommends.

Don’t forget the outside
Buyers see the outside of your home first and form opinions before they ever walk inside. Exterior appeal includes painting the front door, trimming the bushes and getting a new doormat, all to give a welcoming feel.

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