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When Shopping Online Beats Brick and Mortar

Not long ago, if you wanted to buy something, you had to drive to a store, then, hopefully, find the item in stock (assuming they have your size and color) and then purchase it.

Today, the Internet makes buying easier and in some cases less expensive. From Amazon to Zappos, many consumers turn to the Web first when making a purchase. Even many traditional brick and mortar stores will charge you less to purchase the identical items online and are able to offer a much wider variety of their products.

Before you decide if you need your car keys or your tablet, here is list of things many experts agree you should buy online:

Electronics. Whether you are buying a $20 HDMI cable or a $1,000 flat-screen TV, you can find a much better selection and usually lower price online. Most online retailers post reviews from customers who have already purchased the product, along with side-by-side comparisons of different makes and models. This information is helpful to make a more educated decision on your purchase.

Luggage. Let’s face it – when you are buying a piece of luggage, the size, durability, color and price are your biggest concerns. Websites will give you a much wider variety of options to choose from than any store. And online reviews will shed some light on whether that carry-on will fit in the overhead compartment and also its longevity.

Razors. Buying razors online is a more recent phenomenon. Companies like and have found there are a lot of unhappy consumers when it comes to buying razors retail. Stores also apply quite a big mark-up on razors. These two companies have reinvented the way we razor shop by offering a high-quality product for a more affordable price. The only thing consumers like more than selection and convenience is value—and buying razors online has become a better value.


What else?

Other items that you should consider purchasing online include: cosmetics, fragrances, toys, video games, books, vitamins, CDs and DVDs.

When shopping online, always remember to check shipping costs and return policies—especially on higher-ticket items—and factor those charges into any savings. Most online retailers will include free shipping at certain spending levels, but that might not be the case on returns.

Do a quick online search to see if any free shipping deals or discount codes are available for the retailers you’re ordering from. To help make returns easy, some stores will allow you to return items from their website for free back to the store.


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