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The Dream Is Possible

Owning a home may benefit you and your family more than renting a home. Depending on your circumstances, your monthly mortgage payments could be less than paying rent. The pride of home ownership is possible and affordable. See example. Use our free online calculator to compare costs and benefits of buying vs. renting.
New or Refinance Loans

To apply, go directly to our Online Application. Or use the Loan Consultant to choose the mortgage option that's right for you. Tower offers a variety of mortgage loans with up to 97% financing available for most states:

100% Financing—Little to No Money Down

Tower's 100% financing option removes the large down payment obstacle from buying your dream home, especially for first-time homebuyers. Contact Us to talk with a loan advisor for eligibility details. Available in Md., Va., Fla., Co. and Tx.

Learn more about the general steps to buying a new home. Download A Guide to Buying and Financing (PDF)

Start your home search and save money with our HomeAdvantage Program. play video

Learn the important first steps for first time home buying. Get a preapproval letter to show how much you can afford.

Bridge Loans

A Tower Bridge Loan helps you "bridge" the gap between selling your existing home and buying a new home. Learn more.

Mortgage Fees

Tower's fees are structured to cost you as little as possible. Compare Tower's low fees with other lenders' fees.

Make your loan payments

Tower will service your mortgage for the life of the loan and gives you several payment options:

Tower also offers a bi-weekly payment plan.

View Your Mortgage Loan Information

Your Tower mortgage loan information—payment history, due date, interest paid—is available in Home Banking anytime. Login and go to My Accounts.

Mortgage Forms

Take Advantage of HARP at Today's Low Rates

If you're unable to refinance, HARP is available. The federal Home Affordable Refinance Program is specifically designed to help borrowers with little or no equity refinance their loans. Contact us. Select Mortgage Loans, option 6.

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