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Debit Card

Tower's debit card is FREE, convenient, and safer than carrying cash. Use it to get cash, transfer funds and make balance inquiries at over a million ATMs worldwide. There's no piling up of credit card debt when you shop because the funds come directly from your Regular Checking account

Look at all you can do with a Tower debit card:

  • Cash withdrawals, inquiries, and transfers at over 47,000 surcharge-free ATMs nationwide—including most 7-Eleven stores and Royal Farms stores, and Costco warehouses. Look for the CO-OP Network, Credit Union 24 CU HERE, or MoneyPass logo.
  • Use the cash back option when making purchases to avoid ATM surcharges.
  • Pay for purchases at more than 25 million locations where MasterCard debit is accepted.
  • Cash Back with Debit Rewards Debit Rewards is a program that gives you the chance to earn cash rewards by using your Tower debit card. Through Debit Rewards, you receive offers in Home Banking based on how you currently shop. To redeem an offer, simply click on it to see the details; this automatically loads the offer onto your Tower debit card. Then shop at that retailer and pay using your Tower debit card to receive the reward. There is no limit on the number of rewards you can earn. So, the more you use your Tower debit card, the more offers you receive in Home Banking, and the more rewards you can enjoy! Not using Home Banking? Sign up now.

    Demo  Debit Rewards FAQs

Should I push the Credit or Debit/ATM button?

When you want cash back with a purchase at select merchants, press the "Debit" (or "ATM") transaction key. Then enter your PIN. By pressing the "Credit" key, you pay for your purchases and sign a receipt but are unable to get cash back.

Keeping track of transactions

Track your debit card transactions online in Home Banking or FinanceWorks™. Be sure to enter debit card transactions in your checkbook. Save merchant receipts and use your monthly statements, Home Banking, or Tower Talk 24 for accurate record keeping.

Prevent accidental overdrafts

Choose Tower's Opt-In to authorize Tower to pay overdrafts for everyday debit card purchases and ATM cash withdrawals using a Tower debit or ATM card.

  • For each overdraft Tower pays, there will be a charge of up to $25.
  • Make sure you bring your account up to a positive balance at least once every 15 days.
  • Maintain your account in good standing with regular deposit activity and keep the number of overdrafts to a minimum.
  • Tower cannot guarantee that we will always authorize and pay overdrafts.

Zero liability

Enjoy peace of mind knowing you are not responsible for unauthorized purchases made on your MasterCard. For extra security when using your debit card online, enter your private MasterCard SecureCode™ password.

For Lost, Stolen or Fraudulent activity on your Tower Debit Card:
Contact Tower immediately:

During normal business hours, contact Tower at
301-497-7000 or 800-787-8328 and press 4

After hours, contact Tower at
301-497-7000 or 800-787-8328 and press 8

Lost or stolen cards

What to do if you suspect a lost or stolen card.

Getting ready for travel? Let us know before your trip so we can help protect against theft or unauthorized card use.

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